Early Childhood at Home

Virtual Enrollment Tours

Please join us on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5 at 1:00pm for our next virtual tour of our Infant, Toddler and Preschool classrooms.  Prospective parents will have the opportunity to hear all about our program and ask any questions you may have.   Please email Paula Dolan at pauladolan@wcccwellesley.org or call 781/235-7667 for the open house zoom link.

Tuesday Art Ideas

As we begin the week of art, we have fun doing art activities with your child. When children explore and create freely, they can make very unique works of art. Encourage your child to explore and imagine as he or she engages in open-ended art experiences that focus not on finished products, but on the […]

Monday Art Ideas

While engaging in art activities with your child to create a piece for the art show, remember that art can be made with a variety of materials. You can use this opportunity to create art on flat surfaces, 3D art, or sculptures! You do not need fancy paints or a canvas to create a work […]


Penguins We did a lot of penguin exploring in the Orange Room in February. But we thought it might be fun to look back at some of our penguins. Facts There are 17 different species of penguins The smallest penguin is “Little Blue, or Little Fairy” The largest penguin is the Emperor penguin Most penguins […]


The butterflies have finally emerged! I have added a few pictures of the butterflies still in the netting but they might be a little hard to see. There is even a picture of when Charlie discovered them fluttering around! He heard the quiet flutter and went over to investigate! He was very curious but just […]


We have been talking about animals a lot, because we know everyone in the Orange Room loves them. Another topic we hear you talking about is veterinarians! Veterinarians, which we often call “vets,” are animal doctors. Some vets work with large farm animals, some work with wild animals, and some work with household animals (pets!) […]


Gorillas are such interesting animals. I am sure that many of you have seen them when visiting a zoo or read books about them. Today we are going to learn all about gorillas, watch some great videos, listen to 2 books and learn all about KOKO the gorilla who could use sign language to communicate […]

The Alphabet

Happy Monday Orange Room, today we are going to be practicing our letters and letter sounds. We will read a book with Julia and do a few fun activities! Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom with Juila: Some Fun Games: Roll a dice alphabet game: Roll the dice, then sound out one letter from under the […]

The Beach!

The weather is getting hotter and it makes us think of summer and days at the beach! Instead of going to the actual beach, we decided to bring the beach to us! You can listen to a story read by Julia called Sneakers, the Seaside Cat and find out what adventures Sneakers has while at […]