Mailing Address

106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481


Driving Directions

Main Office and Early Childhood Program

50 Weston Road

To find us in person put 50 Weston Road into your GPS.  We are located at the intersection of Rte. 135 and Weston Road, on the corner of the Wellesley College campus.

Our parking lot is located across the street from a small stone fire station and the parking lot for The GAP.

Walk up the path between the playgrounds to the top of the hill to a gray building with a white front porch. Hit the buzzer to the right of the blue front door to be let in, then turn right to get to the main office.


Bates Site

116 Elmwood Road

Enter through the main entrance and turn left past the nurse’s and custodians’ offices. Walk directly down the hall towards the side entrance. Take a left and proceed through the double doorway, then take a quick right into the cafeteria.


Fiske Site

45 Hastings Street

Park in the lower lot.  Enter through the service port doors, turn left, proceed through two sets of doors, and walk directly into the cafeteria after passing the staircase on your left.


Hardy Site

293 Weston Road

Enter through the gymnasium doors.


Schofield Site

27 Cedar Street

After entering the school through the main entrance, turn left and proceed into the gym/cafeteria through the double doors.


Sprague Site

401 School Street

At the main entrance, turn right, then left around the corner to arrive at the side entrance (by the “Labyrinth”).  Hit the buzzer and state your name to be let in.


Upham Site

250 Lowell Road

Enter through the main entrance. Proceed straight through the gym/cafeteria doors.