The Nature Classroom

In the Nature Classroom, we recognize the importance of connecting children with nature in their daily lives. In this room, we spend at least half of our time each day outside. As research shows, the benefits of learning outdoors are enormous. According to Emily Cross, a professor in the School of Psychology, learning “where the learner is doing, moving, acting, and interacting”—can change the way the brain works and can accelerate kids’ learning process. Children who cultivate a strong connection to nature in early childhood tend to become lifelong environmentalists and stewards of the earth. The novel, challenging environments outdoors promote lots of teamwork, cooperation, and social-emotion growth. We venture outside every day, rain or shine, a classroom value that fosters self-care and resilience as we learn how to identify and dress for the weather!

As part of our curriculum, we focus on cultivating awareness of the world around us through exploration, observation, inquiry, experimentation, and lots of play! On a day to day basis, you can find the Nature Room out and about the Wellesley College campus, smelling the blooms in the Arboretum, watching the ducks and turtles at paramecium pond, hiking through the North 40, or investigating the frogs and insects swimming in the Silver Thread stream.