The Alphabet

Happy Monday Orange Room, today we are going to be practicing our letters and letter sounds. We will read a book with Julia and do a few fun activities!

Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom with Juila:

Some Fun Games:

  • Roll a dice alphabet game: Roll the dice, then sound out one letter from under the number you rolled. Once you’ve sounded out the letter you can color that box. Continue rolling until you have sounded out and colored all of the letters.
  • Use the attached uppercase and lowercase letters to help practice your letter recognition. Cut each lowercase letter out and use your uppercase letter sheet as a game board. See if you can match all of the lowercase letters to the uppercase letters and practice the sound of each letter as you match them up.
  • Play a game of memory using the uppercase and lowercase letter sheets. Cut out both sets of letters, mix them up, and put them on the floor or a table letter side down. Flip over only two cards at a time and see if the letters match. If they match you can take those cards out of the game, if they don’t match you have to flip them over and put them back in their spot. Keep flipping over two cards at a time until you get all of the uppercase and lowercase letter matches. Use your memory to help you remember where certain letters are!
  • Go on an outdoor letter hunt! See if you can find objects that start with each letter of the alphabet while outside on a walk or while playing in your yard. Here is an example. G for GRASS, can you find more? You can use the uppercase or lowercase letter sheet to help you keep track of the letters you find. When you find an object that starts with a letter, color in or cross off that letter so you know it’s done!
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Watch this fun singing video to help learn about the sounds that each letter makes: 

Sing along to this catchy ABC song:

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