Blue Room

In Toddler Two, AKA The Blue Room, we foster growth in all areas of development. We see continued strengths in language skills as children use ever-increasing vocabularies and clear articulation. Toddler Twos are generally more aware of their bodies in space and move easily and capably through transitions from the room to the playground, theĀ Red Room, or on walks around campus. In each of these, there is time for running, climbing, digging, and general happy exploring.

Social growth is very important during their time in the Toddler Two room. As the children move from parallel to more cooperative play, we see the joy they have in budding friendships, the laughter they share, and the development of rich imaginations. With teacher support, we ask that children begin to solve their problems and we help them find the words to use when conflicts occur. We believe that toddlers gain confidence by being able to do things themselves, and that’s why we work with them on age-appropriate self-help skills such as putting on their own hats and coats.

Once toddlers show signs of readiness, toilet training becomes a part of each child’s day. Parents and teachers work together to help toddlers reach this developmental milestone. For us, the Toddler Two year is exciting as we watch each child develop into a capable preschooler.