After School Forms & Policies

After submitting an application and being admitted to the program, the following forms are required each year in order to attend WCCC’s After School Program.


These forms are now submitted online through UpBup:

  • Child Face Sheet Form/Enrollment Form
  • Health Care, Evacuation & Parent Handbook/Policies Consent Form
  • Pick Up Consent Form
  • Transportation, Off Site, Field Trip & Playground Consent Form
  • Permission Consent Form
  • Oral Health Participation & UpBup Consent Form


If your child has a chronic medical condition (asthma, diabetes, food allergy, seizure disorder, etc.) you are required to meet with our program director each year to fill out the following forms.  Please contact us at 781.645.8199 to arrange a time to meet.  Your child cannot attend the program prior to the forms being properly completed and signed by your child’s doctor.

  • Individual Health Care Plan: Every after school site must maintain an Individual Health Care Plan for each child with a chronic medical condition which has been diagnosed by a licensed health care provider.
  • Medication Consent Form: Children with a chronic medical condition must have a Medication Consent Form on file for prescription medication, signed by a parent/guardian.  If the medication is non-prescription, a licensed health care practitioner must sign the form as well.  All medication must be in the original box and container with the valid (within 1 year) prescription label affixed.  Please clearly write the child’s name on the non-prescription medication.
  • Permission to Post Allergy and Chronic Health Care Condition: This form needs be filled out only if your child has an allergy or chronic medical condition.  We post names and conditions in a private manner.


  • Developmental History: This form is not required, but we strongly recommend that one is filled out for all children who are new to the program (kindergarten or otherwise).
  • Request for Schedule Change Form: Contract revisions go into effect the first week of each month.  In order for a block of time to be dropped from your contract, or for your child to withdraw from the program, we must enroll another child.  Parents are still responsible for the remaining tuition payments until the slot is filled.


The After School Parent Handbook includes valuable information on enrollment, WCCC’s policies, center closings, and emergency procedures. Please review this document each year have a child or children enrolled at WCCC.  We ask that you take special note of our health care policies in order to ensure the safety and health of all of our students.


WCCC offers some limited, need-based financial aid. To apply for this assistance, please complete our application form and provide all supporting documents listed. First consideration is given to those whose completed applications have been received by the date indicated on the form. The application process is confidential.