We have been talking about animals a lot, because we know everyone in the Orange Room loves them. Another topic we hear you talking about is veterinarians!

Veterinarians, which we often call “vets,” are animal doctors. Some vets work with large farm animals, some work with wild animals, and some work with household animals (pets!) Vets go to a lot of school to learn how to take care of animals. In school, they learn how to take care of all animals but usually choose their favorite to work with when they are done.

Have you ever been to the vet’s office before? I have! Pinto Bean does not like going. She meows in the car the whole time, and tried to run and hide when I let her out of her carrier in the office. They give her treats, though. Which makes her feel better. Do you like going to the doctor? Is there anything there that makes you feel better or helps you stay calm?

Here is a video about being a veterinarian!

Activity ideas!

  • Play vet with your lovies or animal toys! If you have a play doctor kit, you can use that. If not, create your own kit out of things around the house! They use nail clippers, a thermometer, a stethoscope, and a scale a lot when I take Pinto. (attached a vet report)
  • Journal idea: What kind of veterinarian would you want to be? Your options are care for pets, for wild animals, or for farm animals.
  • Practice writing words about veterinarians! Some of them are long!


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