Monday Art Ideas

While engaging in art activities with your child to create a piece for the art show, remember that art can be made with a variety of materials. You can use this opportunity to create art on flat surfaces, 3D art, or sculptures! You do not need fancy paints or a canvas to create a work of great art. Feel free to get creative, upcycle, and use the materials you have handy at home! Today we want to share some fun, MESSY, and process-oriented art activity ideas. These two activities require paint or watercolors if you have them available to you.

Drip Art

  • Prop up your surface on an easel-you can use recycled materials like pizza boxes to make a makeshift easel.
  • Provide your child with different colored watercolors or watered down paint as well as spoons or eye droppers.
  • Allow your child to explore and experiment with the materials given.
  • Encourage them to see what happens if they use their spoon or eye dropper to deposit color at the top of their easel and see what happens!

Splatter Art

  • This activity can get messy so prepare yourself- though the messiest activities also happen to be the most fun!
  • Prop your canvas or paper up on an easel or put it on the floor.
  • Provide your child with paints, paintbrushes, spoons, sponges, and more! Let them experiment using different tools to splatter the paint on their papers.
  • You can even get really crazy letting them throw it with their hands and turn it into a finger painting experience!

We look forward to seeing everyone on Seesaw the next few weeks trying out different art experiences!

– Team Yellow

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