The Beach!

The weather is getting hotter and it makes us think of summer and days at the beach! Instead of going to the actual beach, we decided to bring the beach to us!

  • You can listen to a story read by Julia called Sneakers, the Seaside Cat and find out what adventures Sneakers has while at the beach.
  • Practice some writing with beach word cards

  • If you have sand at home you can pretend to be at the beach! Either inside or outside, place your sand in a big bin or container and add some materials such as: small containers, bucket, shovel, scoops, sea shells, plastic fish, rocks or small pebbles you find in your yard. Then you can work on making sand castles!
  • Set up a beach scene in your house! Dig out a beach towel, sunglasses, maybe a beach chair and bring a book to relax with at the beach! You could even put on your swimming suit and goggles to pretend to swim!
  • Write a journal entry of what you like to do at the beach. You can draw and write about who you like to go to the beach with and what activities you like to do.

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