Orange Room

Children enter the Orange Room equipped with many skills. Typically they have a solid sense of themselves as independent beings, good language and motor skills, and an understanding of their world primarily based on concrete experiences. In the Orange Room, as we build on those skills, we challenge each child to go further. Throughout the year, we carefully develop and adjust our curriculum to meet their changing – and increasingly sophisticated – developmental needs.  To promote social and emotional growth, we focus on helping children see the importance of individual abilities and choices as well as their roles and responsibilities in the group. Developing friendships, sustaining play, learning social problem-solving skills, communicating feelings and beginning to understand the feelings of others are year-long goals in the Orange Room. We recognize the value of regular physical activity. Children regularly play in our Red Room, on our playground, and take nature hikes around the Wellesley College campus.

Helping a friend who falls on the playground, wondering how the stars got into the sky, observing a butterfly leave the cocoon, learning to recognize a letter in the names of others, counting as high as they can go; the list is endless and we want our children to have the excitement and mastery that comes with developing knowledge, consideration, and understanding.

We know the importance of foundation concepts in math, science, language and literature, music, and the arts.  Throughout the year we plan activities in all areas of the curriculum. We believe in the importance of nourishing a love of learning and ensuring that each child receives the best preparation for kindergarten and beyond.