Purple Room


As we get to know each group of children in the Purple Room, we match our curriculum to their interests and needs. We know what three-year-olds like to do and we have lots of fun getting to know each child and family. We have three teachers in the classroom each morning so that we can focus on individual self-help skills like putting on coats, washing hands, or using words to solve problems. When a child says, “I did it!” after putting together a puzzle or building a block tower, we share in the sense of accomplishment, knowing that each step is helping each child master tasks and gain confidence in his or her abilities. Communication with parents remains a significant part of our day. The artwork on the walls, the list of daily activities, the notes home, photos of actively engaged children, and most importantly, the conversations at the beginning and the end of each day, illustrate our desire to show the full range of what the children are doing in the Purple Room.


We believe that Purple Room children thrive in our classroom environment. We know that children need a daily routine that they can predict and count on, activities that are stimulating and challenging, and most particularly, adults who care deeply about them and can help them along the way.