Infant Two

In our Infant Two classroom, we create an environment where the rhythm of daily life matches children’s individual needs. Hugs and snuggles with teachers abound throughout the day as children move through a daily routine. By creating a predictable and consistent atmosphere, we give infants the freedom to explore and learn at their own pace. As they go from crawling to walking to running, we adapt our classroom environment and our activities to allow for growth.

Through conversations, books and songs children are given the opportunity to hear language and learn to communicate. Initially, we teach the children to communicate needs like “more,” “all done,” and “milk,” with simple sign language. As their vocabulary and social skills grow, the children find great joy in their interactions with classmates and teachers. Exploring materials, playing peek-a-boo, rolling balls back and forth, playing on our playground, going for stroller walks around Wellesley’s campus, or visiting the arboretum – all are exciting parts of our days with the infants. We view routine tasks such as eating, sleeping and diapering as opportunities to give children unhurried, individual attention. We value a strong and trusting relationship with parents, as we work together to make sure that each child flourishes during the year in Infant Two.