Yellow Room

In the Yellow Room, our curriculum meets the individual needs and matches the personal interests of the children. According to Yellow Room kids, in our classroom, “we do a lot of fun stuff,” like “reading books,” “playing with our friends,” and “learning about plants.” We have rules like, “don’t squish bugs” and “be kind to friends.” To teachers and parents, the Yellow Room is a vibrant classroom where children learn about friendships, master self-help skills, strengthen literacy and number foundations, solve problems, develop a sense of themselves as community members, and explore the world around them.

Through games, group time, walks through town and the Wellesley College arboretum, free choice activity times and outdoor play, children develop social, emotional, movement and language skills. In addition to bringing the outdoors into the classroom and creating learning opportunities out of the kids’ interests, the children are provided a variety of activities designed to help build social, fine and gross motor skills. Teachers closely follow each child’s progress throughout the year and guide children individually towards achieving developmental milestones. As we meet the needs of the children in our care, we believe they are given the time, space, and support to become confident in their abilities and are well equipped to meet the challenges presented to them. Learning through play and having fun are key elements in the Yellow Room!