The butterflies have finally emerged! I have added a few pictures of the butterflies still in the netting but they might be a little hard to see. There is even a picture of when Charlie discovered them fluttering around! He heard the quiet flutter and went over to investigate! He was very curious but just watched them for a while. When it was time to release them, I had Kai’s help. You can watch the video to see them fly away! I hope they found some flowers! I’ll let you know if I see them around my yard!

Butterfly Movie

Butterfly Movie 2

Things To Do

  • You can continue to document the butterflies in your butterfly observational journal or a journal entry.
  • Some writing prompts:
    • Did the butterflies looks like you would have expected?
    • What do you think of the colors on the wings?
    • Have you seen any butterflies in your yard or neighborhood recently?
  • Check out this link to the butterfly cam at the San Diego Zoo! Which butterfly was your favorite? Have you ever visited a butterfly zoo or farm before? There are a lot of butterflies in one space!
  • Draw your own butterfly or use recycled materials to create a 3D version of a butterfly that you can hang in your house!

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