Penguins We did a lot of penguin exploring in the Orange Room in February. But we thought it might be fun to look back at some of our penguins.

Photo by Cassidy Mills on Unsplash


  • There are 17 different species of penguins
  • The smallest penguin is “Little Blue, or Little Fairy”
  • The largest penguin is the Emperor penguin
  • Most penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere – Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Argentina
  • Penguins eat a variety of fish and other small sea creatures
  • Penguins can’t fly Penguins waddle as they walk

Here are 2 fun penguin videos

  • Funniest penguin videos
  • All about penguins

Read Aloud Tacky the Penguin, read by Sarah is attached


Listen to the read aloud, Tacky the Penguin, then in your journal you can use one of any of these prompts to draw and write about

  • If you were Tacky what silly things would you do at home?
  • Tacky has 5 companions with different names, can you draw 5 penguins and give them each an interesting name?

Penguin words and pictures if you want to copy and draw them. Maybe you have some chalk and you can draw them outside.

Penguin Words 1, Penguin Words 2

Here is the New England Aquarium Webcam on the African penguins who live there. There is also a penguin bingo card. You can watch the video cam and then see if you can look at your bingo card and find some of the penguins behaviors – like bowing, preening, etc.

Bingo Card.pdf

Can you make your own penguin using legos, recyclable materials, etc.

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