Green Room

In Toddler One, AKA The Green Room, the children continue to explore their world with curiosity, excitement, and most especially wonder. We understand that the development of independence and autonomy is critical for toddlers. Throughout the year, we provide opportunities for exploration and discovery so that language skills, gross and fine motor skills, and self-help skills can develop in age appropriate and fun ways.

At the beginning of the year, toddlers generally use both baby signs and simple words, but their expressive language grows so rapidly that after a few short months, many words are firmly in place. It is a pleasure to see how quickly the children learn hand movements to songs and fill in missing words when having a story read. They are eager learners and show such joy in their new-found knowledge!  Whether moving through the classroom, in the Red Room, or on our playground, we see toddlers challenge themselves to run faster or climb higher. The Toddler One year is truly full of changes and tremendous growth.