Coffee Filter Carnations

April showers bring May Flowers! With all the flowers in bloom bringing us bright colors and sunny, warmer days, today’s activity is a little bit easier way to grow your own flowers. All you will need is coffee filters, markers, water, and a pipe cleaner! Here’s how you can make your own coffee filter flower bouquets:

  1. Color on coffee filters with markers – darker colors show up better, but lighter ones will work too! Covering the whole coffee filter in colors creates the best effect.
  2. Lay coffee filter on a towel (or cardstock/other thick paper to make another picture) and drip some water over the colored coffee filter. You can do this using a small cup of water, a damp sponge, or just your hands!
  3. Lay out the coffee filters to dry. Once dry, stack the coffee filters together, and twist them so they look like a flower.
  4. Poke a small hole in the middle of the stack and stick a pipe cleaner through. You may need a bit of tape to keep the “flowers” in place.
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