If you watched the video of the special delivery at my house, you might have guessed that inside the box was caterpillars! Five very small caterpillars were delivered to my house!

Our plan is to watch and learn as the caterpillars turn into butterflies. I will keep you updated! We have activities along the way from caterpillar to butterfly!

Today we are starting with caterpillars, of course!

  • You can make your own caterpillar! There are a few ideas linked below! You can use art supplies, natural materials, or loose parts around the house. Maybe water bottle caps make up the segments of the body? Maybe pipe cleaners or Q tips can be the antenna? Or you can simply draw a caterpillar- think about what markings you want it to have? Some ideas are stripes, alternating colors, dots, or rainbow!
  • Caterpillars are very interesting to watch! Check out this video of the Jewel Caterpillar in Ecuador. How does it move? Fast? Slow? Can you move like a caterpillar? What do you notice about it’s head?
  • Maybe you can even find a caterpillar in your yard! Go on a caterpillar hunt and send us a picture if you find one!


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