A “Cake” & a Cat & a Cupcake

In the Purple Room, we love to decorate and get messy, whether it’s with oobleck, glue, paint,or playdough. We also love to celebrate birthdays! Today’s activity is “cake decorating!” All you’ll need is… a cardboard box shaving cream or paint or glue (or a mixture of all three if you’re feeling brave)! some buttons, glitter […]

Coffee Filter Carnations

April showers bring May Flowers! With all the flowers in bloom bringing us bright colors and sunny, warmer days, today’s activity is a little bit easier way to grow your own flowers. All you will need is coffee filters, markers, water, and a pipe cleaner! Here’s how you can make your own coffee filter flower […]

Bug “Art”

There is a lot to do with bugs!! When you are outside, have your child look for small rocks and sticks, they can arrange these outside findings in such a way to make bugs. And look for real bugs! You can also give your child pipe cleaners, beads, google eyes, small straws, rubber bands, and […]