Make an Origami House


  • Piece of paper 
  • Markers 


  1. Start by holding your paper vertically, or the hamburger way (up and down, not the long way,) and fold it in half, make sure to push the crease down hard!
  2. Take your left side of your paper and fold it to the right, again pushing down on that crease. Then unfold this.
  3. You should be able to see 2 halves, now you will fold each side in half again, so you should see 3 creases on each side. Keep the 2 outside houses folded and slowly separate the two sides and fold the tops down to create triangles. This will be the roof of your house!
  4. You can decorate the outside of your house to look like yours, or make it a house you wish you lived in! Inside the house you can draw a picture of you and your family, pets, or friends! It might be a nice idea to decorate one for your mom for mother’s day, with your home and all the people she loves inside 🙂 

Here is a link in case you need a little more guidance! Have fun! 

Activity by Amanda Cardinal, Upham Site
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