Bandaid Art

We all know how much the children LOVE bandaids. Tell them this is a chance to design their own bandaids and get to use some real ones as well! Explain how hard all of the doctor “helpers” are working to help everyone stay healthy and strong. Suggest that they make a very special thank you picture to give to a “Helper” they know or put in the window to show their appreciation. Here’s all you need to get started:


A piece of paper and white paper strips cut to look like different sized and shaped bandaids. If you happen to have white label stickers these work great too. Glue, glue stick or tape. Crayons, markers, craypas or any drawing implements you have on hand, A few real bandaids to start with. The children will clamor for more. You can always suggest that after they have filled their paper with colors and designed at least one of their own bandaids, you could find a few more real ones for them to use!


Now let your child loose to create a unique thank you picture for a “Helper or Helpers” in their life. Encourage them to use all of the materials you provide and to fill their paper with colors and designs When their picture is finished, ask them what they would like to say to the doctor’s, nurses etc. and add their words of thanks to their picture.

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