Virtual Enrollment Tours

Please join us on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5 at 1:00pm for our next virtual tour of our Infant, Toddler and Preschool classrooms.  Prospective parents will have the opportunity to hear all about our program and ask any questions you may have.   Please email Paula Dolan at or call 781/235-7667 for the open house zoom link.

Bug “Art”

There is a lot to do with bugs!! When you are outside, have your child look for small rocks and sticks, they can arrange these outside findings in such a way to make bugs. And look for real bugs! You can also give your child pipe cleaners, beads, google eyes, small straws, rubber bands, and […]

Fun in the Clouds

When my grandchildren were “distance” visiting this weekend and in need of a quiet break in the action, (as were their parents!), they got a kick out of this activity. The only real requirement is lots of puffy white clouds in the sky. Hint: My grandchildren were super excited when I told them the ice […]

Painting Fun!

Painting not only fosters creativity for young children through different mediums, it enhances the world around them.