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Good Monday morning to you all! Greetings from the Orange Room Teachers. We are all thinking about each of you every day and we miss you. We love getting emails and photos/seesaw posts of things that you have been doing while you are at home.
Today, we’d love for you to start the day with a morning meeting and family check in to see how each other is doing and how everyone is feeling. In the Orange Room, we sometimes ask a question that everyone has to answer. We choose an object (usually a bean bag or small ball), ask the question, and the object gets passed around to each person as a “talking stick” to share their answer. Today’s Mo Willems inspired question is, “Would you rather have an Elephant or a Piggy as a pet, and why?”

Free Choice 
Mo Willems loves, loves to draw – here are a few art activity ideas: –

  • Tape some paper under the table, lay down and draw on the paper using crayons, pencils etc.
  • Mo has a lot of books that he has written and illustrated. Maybe you can make your own book, either using characters from any of his books, or make up your own story. You can draw and then write letters or words if you want to.

You will need:-Paper (any color) cut into roughly the same shape and size to use as the pages of a Mo Willems book- Colored pencils, markers, or crayons- Different colored paper to make the front cover- Your imagination
After you are done, the pages can be stapled together and read as a book. Each child can read their book to family members.

  • In his book Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, the bus is a big part of the story. There are many ways you can make your own bus:
  • Use Lego’s, blocks, magnatiles, recyclables or any other materials that you have around the house

If you have some extra boxes at home, why not use them to make your own bus!

Mo Willems Food Ideas

Children love this book The Duckling Gets a Cookie. Here is a read aloud video if you would like to listen to it.
You can also listen to Joseph and Jayden (Sarah’s 2 sons) do some Mo Willems Read Alouds here
Afterwards you can make your own chocolate chip cookies! Here is a link to a recipe for classic chocolate chip cookies:
For dinner time – Mo Willems likes to put a big piece of paper on his table at home and while his family is eating dinner they can doodle on the paper!

A few other Mo Willems ideas –

  • Lunch doodles with Mo Willems (this is 22 minutes long)
  • Make your own Mo Willems Bookmark, using paper, markers and string.

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