Play Nature Memory

This is a fun variation of the Memory Game that is played outdoors!

What you’ll need:

  • 5-15 objects from nature
  • blindfold
  • blanket or towel

How to play:

  1. First, you need to collect your objects. Go for a nature walk and collect 5-15 objects. You can choose how challenging you want this game to be. The more objects you have, the more difficult the game will be. Try to pick objects that are distinctly different from each other. Some examples are leaves, sticks, feathers, rocks and flowers.
  2. Spread out the blanket or towel on the ground and place all of the objects you found in front of you and the other players. Whichever player is guessing first should take a few minutes to memorize the objects.
  3. Put the blindfold on the person who is guessing. Then, Take away one of the objects.
  4. Once one of the objects has been removed, the player who is blindfolded can take off their blindfold and guess which object is missing.
  5. Once the player guesses correctly, put the missing object back on the blanket or towel and play again. Take turns guessing and taking away objects.

Here are some ways to make the game more challenging:

  1. Play the game backwards by adding objects, one by one, instead of taking them away.
  2. Take away more than 1 object and see if the player who is guessing can figure out all of the objects that are missing.
  3. Leave the blindfold on while the player is guessing. This way, the guesser has to guess which object is missing by touching them instead of looking at them.
  4. To make this game a little more competitive, if you’re playing with 3 or more players, blindfold all of the players (except the one who is taking away the objects) and then see who can think of the missing object first. 

Activity by Steph Finucane, Upham Site
Photo Credit & Inspiration:

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