Fun in the Clouds

When my grandchildren were “distance” visiting this weekend and in need of a quiet break in the action, (as were their parents!), they got a kick out of this activity. The only real requirement is lots of puffy white clouds in the sky.

Hint: My grandchildren were super excited when I told them the ice cream they had been clamoring for was going to be delivered after we played the game.

So, grab some beach towels or a beach blanket and some sunglasses and tell everyone to get comfortable, relax, and look up to the clouds. You can read the poem below for some creative inspiration or simply ask the children what they see and think. My grandson Jacob, age six, quickly declared that he was planning to build an elaborate “basketball world” up in his cloud. His three year old sister, Abby, readily offered up a plan for a “rainbow castle.”

Be sure to have paper and pencil ready to capture their ideas, and crayons for them to draw pictures if they like. Treat yourself to a mind/body break and snuggle up beside your kids and get your head in the clouds.

Cloud Fun

By Marlene

Lie down in the grass and gaze up at the sky,
What do the clouds look like floating by?
Could they be dinosaurs or a huge ice cream cone?
Maybe you can make some clouds of your own!

Now Imagine you are sitting on a cloud in the sky,
How would you feel on your perch up so high?
What would you see as you looked down below?
What would you want your friends to know?

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