Blue Room Dance Party!

This is a Blue Room favorite. Cue up some of your family’s favorite songs (or check out the links below) and have a short dance break. The best part is you can do these throughout the day 🙂

Bring some outdoor toys inside. Your child could ride their bike in the hallway, kick or bounce a ball, or even just do indoor races.

Do a color scavenger hunt!

Hide legos, balls, or other objects all around the house. On a table put out different colored construction paper. Have your child search for the hidden objects and bring them to the table, placing them on the paper of the same color.

Masking Tape Roads

Create roads all over the floor that your child can drive cars on. Make lines that go in all sorts of directions (e.g. zigzag) and have your child try to walk on them. Make different tape lines on the floor and have your child try to jump from one line to another, or throw bean bags and seen which line they throw to.

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