Play Sidewalk Chalk Checkers


  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Driveway or large pavement area
  • Checkers (these could be rocks, sticks, etc.)


  1. Create a checkerboard using your sidewalk chalk.Your checkerboard should have 64 squares altogether.  Make 8 squares across and 8 squares down, then fill in the rest of your board using this as your guideline. Choose any 2 colors you want, alternate the two colors across the board, should always be a pattern and the same color squares should never be touching.  For example, most checkers games are red and black, so you would color the first row starting with red, then black and alternate across the whole row.  The 2nd row would start with black, then red, alternating across.
  2. Decide what you will use for checkers! Each side will need 12 playing pieces, but remember you need a way to tell which side they belong to.  One player could use rocks, the other could use sticks. If you are feeling creative you could each choose 12 rocks and paint them or color in sidewalk chalk to tell them apart by color.  It is up to you! Also in this game, your checkers can become kings! So you may want to have something you can add to your piece to show it is a king, maybe another marking on your rock or something you can tie around your stick, or a whole different set of materials set aside for king pieces (again make sure you know whose is whose!)
  3. Find a parent or sibling and play!

Activity by Amanda Cardinal, Upham Site
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