Planting Your New Seeds

Hi Orange Room! Each of you have received an activity baggie delivered to your door by an Orange Room teacher. We loved being able to chat or wave through windows and doors and we miss you so much. For today’s activity, we are going to unpack our baggies and get started on a seed planting activity.

Watch the video below to unpack your baggie with Julia. She is going to show you what everything in the baggie is and how we are going to use each material. If you’d like, you can choose to decorate your cup using sharpies and stickers, then it will look like your creation is growing crazy hair when the grass begins to grow! You can make a monster or a self portrait or just add fun spring decorations like flowers, rainbows, and butterflies. Enjoy!

Instructions for Planting

Lima Bean: Wet the paper towels (you don’t want them too wet or not wet enough), then place the wet paper towels into the ziploc baggie they came in. Add your lima bean to one side of the paper towel and seal up your baggie. Find a sunny window for your baggie and tape it up against the glass. Watch your lima bean sprout in a few days!

Grass Seeds: If you’d like to decorate your cup do it before putting your soil and seeds in! To start planting, fill your cup about ¾ of the way up with soil. Grab a pinch of seeds and sprinkle them into the cup. Give your seeds a spritz with a spray bottle and then add soil on top of your seeds. Add only enough soil to cover the seeds – too much soil will keep the seed from growing. Once you’ve added your top soil give it a little spritz and find a sunny spot to place it. You can do one spritz a day or add water when you see that your soil is starting to get dry – remember not to over water your plant!

Once you’ve planted your seeds and set up your lima bean baggie, you can watch this video of Julia reading Once There Was A Seed by Judith Anderson and Mike Gordon:

We will continue to document our seed growth using the two worksheets included in your baggie! If you need another copy of the worksheets, they are linked below.

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