Fairy Houses!

Have you ever heard of a fairy house? Have you ever seen one outside?
Today we are going to explore fairy houses and create one of our own!

1. There are two books below that will be a nice way to learn more about them. 
2. We can brainstorm materials that are needed.

  • Here are some things you can find outside and inside your house:
  • -sticks and twigs
  • -leaves
  • -flower petals
  • -pine cones
  • -small pebbles or rocks
  • -small pieces of fabric
  • -Lego people, plastic play animals or people, or a handmade fairy!

3. After you make your fairy house, you can draw what you made and share with us!
4. You can also write a small story or journal entry about who lives in your fairy house or how you built it.
5. You can revisit your house throughout the next few weeks and make additions!
6. Make you own fairy wand! You can use sticks and tape to attach a star, some ribbon, or any other design.
7. Make a Flower Fairy! There are some pictures for inspiration in the link below.

In the second book, Fairy Houses, they talk about an island in Maine where you can build your own house. It is a real place! There is a link below that shows pictures of some of the houses on the island.

These are two pictures of the fairy houses that Kai and I built with natural materials we found in our yard and some Lego friends!

Fairy House Pictures

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