Dinosaurs: The Herbivores!

Today, we are going to learn about plant eating dinosaurs called herbivores!
Some of the most commonly known plant eaters are Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, and Ankylosaurus.

These plant eating dinosaurs had to eat a lot of plants each day! The had special teeth that help them break apart the bark of trees and twigs. They could also hold some of the food in pouches in their cheeks while they were looking for more food to eat. Sometimes they would also eat small rocks to help break up the plants in their stomachs!

We also wanted to learn a little bit about volcanoes and there are some cool activities to see and do below. What do you already know about volcanoes? Do you know how they erupt? What happens to the lava when it cools? Are all volcanoes active and how often do they erupt? There is a video that helps answer these questions and an activity to make your own!


-check out the word cards below for some practice writing and letter identification for plant eaters and volcanoes

-can you make a Lego dinosaur? a Lego volcano? Here are some designs that might inspire you!

-check out a virtual tour at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (this requires parent help) and check out the pictures of dinosaurs from my family trip there. These dinosaur pictures are from a few years ago and not all plant eaters but they were really cool to see in person, so I wanted to share!

-make your own volcano in your yard with sand or dirt and baking soda and vinegar! Or check out this video about volcanos.

-draw a picture of a real dinosaur or even better, make up your own dinosaur! Be creative with colors and features, like horns, wings, etc. You can even name your own species of dinosaur and make sure to share it with us on Seesaw or google classroom!

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