Make a Rainbow Daze

Rainbows are one of the most beautiful natural wonders and can teach us so much about color. Rainbows come out when you least expect it – like after a storm. I love Rainbows and was taught when you see one to make a wish because rainbows are good luck and at the end of is a pot of gold!


  • A bowl filled with water
  • Food coloring 
  • Rectangles of black construction paper
  • Paper towels

Instructions for Method #1:

  1. Drip a little drop of food coloring in the bowl of water
  2. Wait for 20-60 seconds 
  3. Dip a piece of black black paper in the water 
  4. Take the black pieces out of the water.
  5. Set the pieces of black paper to dry on paper towels 

Instructions for Method #2:

  1. Dip the black construction paper in water for 10-15 seconds 
  2. Take it out and drip 2 drops of nail polish
  3. Check out the different colorful designs it creates!

What Happens Next:

The color spreads across the surface of the water within a couple of seconds and dries quickly on the surface of the water, creating a multicolored film!
Once the paper is dry, tilt the paper in different directions to see your rainbow patterns appear. I recommend holding it next to a sunny window for best results.
Activity by Neddra English, Hardy Site
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