Today we are going to talk about measuring! We all have a tape measure that came with the grass and lima bean growing project we dropped off, so we thought it would be fun to use the tape measure in other ways!

First, listen to “Inch By Inch” by Leo Lioni

Second, let’s go on a measuring scavenger hunt!

Write down all your measurements to practice writing numbers!

  1. Take your measuring tape outside and find a few sticks; all of different sizes. Measure each stick and look a the number- which is the smallest and biggest stick?
  2. Find your shoe and the shoe of your mom and dad. Time to compare! Measure each shoe and find out how long each shoe is. I bet you can guess who shoe is going to be smaller! Try measuring your sibling’s shoes too!
  3. Find a few books in your collection that are of different sizes. You can make some guesses as to how many inches each book is and then get to work measuring each book.
  4. Find your favorite cereal box and measure it’s length. If you have different sized cereal boxes you can measure them too and compare how different the measurements are.

Third, you can use the measuring word cards to practice writing the items you measured. You can also use the printable number word cards if you want more practice writing numbers and number words.

Use your tape measure to measure anything else you can find outside or around your house!


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