Lima Beans on the Move!

We hope you are enjoying the long weekend! I noticed over the weekend that my lima bean has sprouted some leaves! This means that my lima bean is ready to be transferred to soil. I am transferring my bean into a pot to keep indoors for now because I need to clear a space outside (I have lots of old pants from last spring and summer in my garden right now) You can replant your bean in a pot like me or find a spot outside to transfer your bean to. If you have any questions about how to replant – please feel free to reach out to the Orange Room teachers!

Transferring Our Lima Bean to Soil:


I also included some pictures and a short video of a baby turtle my Mom and Dad saw in their yard in Connecticut this weekend! They live right by a very big stream and noticed this tiny turtle trying to cross their driveway. This turtle has a red belly and some red spots on the side of its shell – I think it may be a painted turtle!

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