It seems like it has taken a long time, but our caterpillars are finally in the chrysalis stage!

  • bring out your butterfly journal that you started with the caterpillars last week. This entry will be about the chrysalis. Attached you can find a picture of what they look like. You can take a close look and observe them. How have they changed from a caterpillar? What color are they? What is their shape? How long do you think it will take them to turn into butterflies?
  • Julia read the book A Butterfly is Patient, this book describes the whole process from caterpillar to butterfly
  • pretend you are in the chrysalis stage! Grab a blanket or a sheet and wrap yourself in it and then wiggle out to emerge like a butterfly- just like the video below!
  • make a prediction of what the butterflies will look like when they emerge; draw a picture of what color, shape, and size you think you will see when the butterflies are here!

Check out these Blue Morphos emerging from their Chrysalises at Natural History Museum in London.

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