Play Cardboard Frisbee Golf

No frisbee? No problem. Make one out of cardboard and get playing!


  • Cardboard frisbees (see how to make them below!)
  • Sticks (these will be placed in the ground to mark the hole)
  • Cones/something to mark off the tee box (the starting point)
  • Small pieces of paper, you will write numbers 1-3 on them.

Making your Cardboard Frisbee:

  1. 2. 3. 4.

How to Play:

  1. In your backyard, take your small sticks and place them in a parent or guardian approved spot. Mark them with a ‘1’, ‘2’, or ‘3’.
  2. The ‘1’ should be closer to the tee box, but not to close. The ‘3’ should be the farthest away. The ‘2’ should be in the middle.
  3. Move back to the tee box where you will take your frisbees from earlier and toss them towards the first hole marker. 
  4. If you hit the stick marking the first hole, you just got a hole in 1, congrats!
  5. If you miss, go to where your frisbee landed and try again. Keep going until you hit the stick marking hole 1. Record your score.
  6. Go back to the tee box and go for hole 2 and then hole 3.
  7. You may need to use the smaller cardboard frisbee for shorter shots or larger for longer ones. You will figure that out as your play.
  8. Move the tee box and the holes around to keep the fun going!

Activity by Stephen Pfaff, Floating Teacher

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