Try Tin Can Bowling

Have some empty tin cans that are being recycled? Turn them into a fun bowling game that is set up outdoors! 


  • Empty tin cans
  • Paint & paint brushes
  • A ball


  1. Begin by making sure your tin cans are empty and clean! Wash them off and then make sure they are dry.
  2. Next, paint your tin cans! You can paint them different colors, add some designs or even paint them the same colors. Paint them however you would like!
  3. After that, it is now time to wait for them to dry.
  4. Once the paint is dry, it is now time to play! Set them up in your yard or driveway. You can set them up like bowling pins or you can stack them on top of each other like a pyramid. Try to knock them down with a ball of your choice!


Activity by Kelly Moy, Schofield Site
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