Try Tape Painting


  • Acrylic Paint- Different Colors
  • Plain White Canvas or extra sturdy paper like cardstock
  • Roll of Painters Tape
  • Paint Brushes/Sponges
  • Paint Tray/ Paper Plate
  • Smocks/ Extra Casual Clothing


  1. Cut the painters tape into strips that are long enough to cover 2 edges of the canvas, place them onto canvas one at a time using different angles.  Make sure they are completely flattened so no paint can get underneath the tape.
  2. Choose a few different colors of paint and create your palette using the paper plate or paint tray.
  3. Start painting! You can make each section a different color, repeating colors in sections that are not touching, or feel free to get creative if you have other ideas!
  4. Once the paint has completely dried, remove the tape slowly and carefully and then your creation is complete!

Activity by Amanda Cardinal, Upham Site

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