Play Target Golf


  • Cardboard box
  • Golf club & ball (can be a broom, noodle and any type of small ball)


  1. Cut the flaps off the box
  2. Turn box over
  3. Cut three arches that are big enough to fit your “golf ball” through comfortably (can cut more or less than three arches – depends on size of cardboard box)
  4. Print three numbers: 1, 5, and 10 (you can use whatever you like depending on the ability of your child)
  5. Glue numbers over arches
  6. Decorate the rest of the box
  7. Start golfing
    1. Start close to the box to begin
    2. Knock ball into box and then add up your score
    3. Put a timer on and see how quickly you can get to 20
    4. Play with a sibling and take turns

Activity by Matt McDonald (Hardy Site Coordinator) and Erin Bigelow (Upham Site Coordinator)

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