Play ‘Slapjack’

Why I teach this game: 

It’s a fun, fast-paced game without too many rules to remember

What you need: 

A deck of playing cards (even if a couple are missing)

Playing the game: 

Pass out the entire deck, one card to each player at a time, facedown.  It is okay if some players start with one more card than others.

Players take turns adding the top card in their decks to a middle pile that all players can reach easily.  Players should flip the card quickly onto the deck so as not to gain an advantage in seeing the card.

Any time a player puts a Jack on the pile, all players should try to be the first to slap a hand onto the deck.

If there is a disagreement over who touched the pile first, these players should do rocks, paper, scissors as a tiebreaker.

The player who touches the cards first (or wins rocks, paper, scissors) wins the entire middle deck and adds it to his or her pile, mixing them in so no one knows where the Jack is.

Play continues in this manner until one player has collected all of the cards.

If more than two players are in the game and a player runs out of cards, he or she can continue to try to capture cards by slapping the deck.

Activity by Robbie Hartery, Sprague Site

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