Play Driveway Chutes and Ladders

This is a fun, giant version of chutes and ladders where kids can be creative, have fun, and get in some physical activity!

What you’ll need:

  • sidewalk chalk
  • a big, open space on dry pavement
  • dice

How to play:

  1. First, you need to make the “game board.” Start by making a giant square. Then, you can make a grid of smaller squares within the giant square. You can decide how many squares to make. You can make anywhere between 25-50 squares!
  2. Once you’ve made the squares, you want to number each one. Start from the bottom left as #1 and continue going across, then up. The top right square should be your last square and should have the highest number.  If it helps, you can make one square be your “start” square and one square be your “finish” square.
  3. Next, you need to make your chutes and ladders. Draw slides and ladders anywhere across the game board. Make sure each one starts in one square and ends in another. Put as many chutes and ladders on your game board as you want and be creative! 
  4. Now you’re ready to play! You can use a dice, or, if you have the actual board game you can use the spinner right from the game. The number you spin or roll determines how many moves you make in each turn. If you land at the bottom of a ladder, move all the way to the top! If you land at the top of a slide, move all the way down. Wherever you land is your new starting spot for your next turn. The first person who lands in the last square is the winner!

Activity by Steph Finucane, Upham Site

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