Make a Painting with Paper Towel Tubes


  • White paper
  • Black paint
  • Paper towel or toilet paper roll
  • Colored paints (acrylic or watercolor)


  1. Decide which shape will outline your design, it can be anything you want! Heart, square, apple, shamrock, leaf, etc.  Make your shape using the black paint.  
  2. Dip your paper towel or toilet paper roll into the black paint, and fill your shape with overlapping circles.  Make sure the section of overlap is big enough for you to neatly paint in.
  3. Once you have given your circles and shape enough time to dry, you can start filling it in! To make it a little more challenging, see if you can paint each circle and section a different color, so that each section that is touching is a different color. 

Activity by Amanda Cardinal, Upham Site
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