Play Bean Bag Target Practice

This game will build hand-eye coordination (and give you an advantage next time you play cornhole!)


  • Chalk
  • Bean Bags 
  • Large sidewalk/ Driveway area


  1. Draw a bunch of circles that are spaced a foot or two apart and big enough for a bean bag to fit in with some extra room.
  2. Inside each circle write a point value, targets that are further from the throwing point should be worth more points! You can also make different shapes and sizes for targets, making them smaller will make it more difficult!
  3. Using your bean bags, try to aim them into your targets! If you are playing with someone, use 3-5 bean bags each, and each person can only get 1 bean bag per hole (for example if your hardest target is worth 25 points, you can only get credit for one of your bean bags landing in it). Determine your rules before hand about landing it in the target- if it is halfway in the target will it still count or will it be worth half the points?
  4. Tally your points for all the bean bags that landed inside a circle, the person with the most points wins!

Activity by Amanda Cardinal, Upham Site
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