Make a Paper Plate Rainbow Unicorn

Supplies Needed:

Paper plate, Construction Paper in rainbow colors, White Construction paper, Black Permanent Marker, Scissors, Ruler, Glue Stick, Stapler


Step One:

  • Cut construction paper into 1 inch strips of the colors of the Rainbow

  • These strips will become the Unicorn’s mane

Step Two:

  • With another piece of construction paper, cut a large heart shape

  • This will be the Unicorn’s muzzle or nose

Step Three:

  • With another piece of construction paper, cut a horn shape

  • Attach your horn to the front of your paper plate using the stapler or glue

Step Four:

  • Fold White construction paper in half and cut an ear shape

  • This will be two identical Unicorn ears

  • Attach ears on the back side of your paper plate on either side of the horn

  • Draw hearts to the ears and around the horn as decoration

 Step Five:

  • Flip over the paper plate and glue rainbow colored strips of paper as the mane

Step Six:

  • On the front of the paper plate glue on heart shaped muzzle or nose

  • Draw small hearts for the nostrils

  • Draw a large heart at the bottom of the muzzle as a tongue

  • Use Black Permanent Marker to draw eyes

Activity by Ali Moss, Floating Teacher

Photo Credit & Inspiration:

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