Make a Love Critter Puppet

Look how cute it is!

Supplies Needed:

  • Recycled toilet paper rolls
  • Tissue paper
  • Google-y eyes
  • Dowel rods or chopsticks. A stick collected from nature would work too!
  • Tape or Glue
  • Construction paper
  • Pipe cleaners (one per critter)


Step One:

  • Cut the paper roll down to the size you’d like your critter to be

Step Two:

  • Fold your tissue paper in half 
  • Cut a section off; approximately about an inch
  • Fringe one section of the tissue paper leaving around 1cm gap at the top
  • Unfold the fringed paper then cut into lengths long enough to wrap around the paper roll

Step Three:

  • Place a piece of tape (or glue) along each section of your fringed paper
  • Stick to the paper roll to look like an animal’s fur
  • Layer the pieces of tissue paper over the top of each other around the paper roll, until you have completely covered it in “tissue paper fur”

Step Four:

  • Fold a piece of your construction paper in half and sketch a large heart shape for the wings
  • Cut pieces of pipe cleaner for antennae and tape (or glue) those on
  • Tape (or glue) the Googly eyes, and heart shapes into place
  • Tape (or glue) the dowel rod or chopstick into place at the bottom of the roll
Activity by Ali Moss, Floating Teacher
Photo Credit & Inspiration:
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