Flying & Swimming Dinosaurs?

Did you know, not all dinosaurs lived on land? I’m sure you did!


Unfortunately, the dinosaurs that lived in the water were not ACTUALLY dinosaurs. They were related to them, though. They were called Swimming Reptiles. But, we are going to still call them dinosaurs because it is fun to! Here are the names of some! (Pictures and word cards are attached)
– Nothosaurus
– Kronosaurus 
– Pliosaurus
– Tylosaurus
– Elasmosaurus


Take a look at the pictures. Do any of these look like a water animal that is alive today?

Just like the swimming ones, flying dinosaurs were not dinosaurs and were just related to them. They were called Flying Reptiles. The most common type was the Pterosaurs. There there a lot of different types of pterosaurs.
– Pterosaur
– Anbanguera
– Pteranodon 
– Rhamphorhynchus
– Ornithocheirus

Pterosaurs fishing [1]

The flying dinosaurs were a lot like birds- they had beaks and hollow bones. The hollow bones made them lighter so they could fly! However, they had skin on their wings and no feathers! They were also the first flying animals, after insects and bugs. 

– Journal idea: What kind of dinosaur would you want to be? Land, water, or flying? Which one?
– Empty tissue boxes? Stick one on each of your feet so you can stop around like a dinosaur! Get those Dino legs moving!
– Matching game! Cut out the three attached pages (Titled “Dinosaur Matching”) and challenge your child to match the dinosaur to the land, ocean, or sky.
– Here is Laurie Berkner’s “We are the Dinosaurs”

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