May 8-12: Week of the Young Child at the ECP


Monday May 8th: Fire Truck Visit Wellesley firefighters will bring a Wellesley fire truck to WCCC.

(Time and date may change pending emergencies)

11:00-11:15 Toddlers

11:15-11:30 Purple

11:30-11:45 Yellow

11:45-12:00 Orange

*Infants may join any group pending naps.

Tuesday, May 9th: Color Day All children will wear the color of their rooms.

Whole Center Parade through campus. Leaving WCCC at 10:30 Parents are welcome to join us.

Wednesday, May 10th: Enchanted Animals Petting Zoo will be visiting WCCC on the side path from 11:00-12:30.

Pizza night at BERTUCCI’S! 15% of all proceeds go to WCCC when you bring in the flier or just mention our school!

Thursday, May 11th: Buddy Day/Hat Day Wear the hat of your choice!

Children will link up with other classrooms during the day. Orange=Infants. Yellow=Blue. Purple=Green

Friday, May 12th: Parent and Child Breakfast/Afternoon Popsicles: Parents and children will gather from 7:30-9:30am for a light breakfast.

All-school popsicle snack on the front deck at 4:15pm

Finally, your children have made handprint badges for you to wear to work or to display in your office. While we think every week is a “week of the young child,” this particular week recognizes the special work parents and teachers do for the good of young children. We are committed to providing the best care for your children, but as you know, not all children receive this kind of care. Across the country, The Week of the Young Child, is celebrated to bring attention to the needs of children and the importance of quality child care. Wearing your badges helps people understand.

The Early Childhood Program Staff

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