Happy Color Day

Hi Yellow Room Families, Happy Color Day! Color adds beauty and interest to our world. I think our classroom color, yellow, is one of the happiest. It is the color of light and sunshine as well as banana! Help your child discover and experiment with colors as he/she plays!

Color Run

Here’s a fun game that can be played either indoors or outdoors. Have your child run freely as you call out a color. Then, he/she has to run and touch something of the corresponding color. On your daily walk, you can encourage your child to find the specific color from nature as well. Here are some pictures of yellow flowers for the Yellow Room that Stella has captured on her walk!

Palatable Color Patterning

Give your child a string knotted at one end and a cup of colored cereal rings such as Fruit Loops. Encourage him/her to thread the cereal onto the string in a pattern. This activity will be great for fine motor practice, counting, patterning and to eat as a snack!

Yellow Collage

Find some small and light items that are yellow. Items may include buttons, paper, fabric scraps, pipe cleaners, plastic lids, ribbons, yarn, and beads. Have your child glue or tape them on a large sheet of paper to make a “yellow collage”.

Yellow Bath

Have some sensory fun in the bath with yellow water balloons and yellow bath water. To add color to the water, use food coloring or bath tablets. Also, throw in a couple of yellow bottle tops and/or yellow rubber duckies. Bath time will be more exciting than ever! Ideas for other colors – you can try mixing green food coloring and with eucalyptus and menthol oils, purple food coloring with lavender oil, orange food coloring with vanilla flavoring, pink food coloring with strawberry flavoring, or blue food coloring with peppermint!

Best, Team Yellow

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