Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day! We are going to do some activities that incorporate nature, natural materials, and the Earth! We will continue celebrating tomorrow by talking about recycling.

We can celebrate Earth Day even at home. Here are a few activities that allow us to look at nature up close.

Make nature soup!

Find a bowl or bucket and large spoon. Walk around your yard or neighborhood and find interesting pieces of nature to add to your soup! Some ideas are: small sticks, leaves, flower petals, pine cones, pebbles, bark, and moss. Once you have all your ingredients, add them in one at time stirring with the spoon. You can also use a measuring cup toad small amounts of water and dirt to make a mud like soup. There are a few pictures below for inspiration.

Stick Letters!

While collecting for nature soup, you can collect small sticks to form into letters. Be sure to find straight and curved twigs/sticks if possible to help make the curved letters like B, C, O.

Rock Shapes!

You can use big or small rocks to make different shapes. This activity will help practice identifying and making shapes. You can draw the shape on paper or outside with chalk. Then used rocks (or leaves, sticks, pinecones, etc) to outline and trace the edges of the shape. Then you can fill in the shape. Maybe you can estimate how many rocks it will take to fill and then count the exact number. You might need to work on rearranging the rocks to fit, kind of like a puzzle! Below is a picture of an example of a heart made from rocks.

Take a walk!

In your neighborhood, take along one of the bingo nature boards attached below. There are many to chose from, such as bugs, trees, the Spring season, and you can challenge yourself to find all the items on the board.

Read the two books about Earth and ways we can help everyday!

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