Getting to Know Chris Harvey

Get to know WCCC’s 2023 Marathon Runner, Chris Harvey We are very pleased to bring you a special issue of our newsletter introducing a member of our family, Chris Harvey, who will be running in the upcoming 127th Boston Marathon in support of WCCC. Let’s learn more about Chris and how to support him!  Where are you from and what do you […]

Chris Harvey is Running for WCCC

Hi! I need your help. I’m taking part in 127th Boston Marathon to raise money for Wellesley Community Children’s Center, Lexi’s daycare center. We have a fantastic community, and amazing staff and teachers! Like many organizations, we are still recovering from the impact of COVID, and I’m raising money to help offset some of those […]


Have you ever heard of a child who wants come home early from vacation to go to school? Well that’s what has happened with Josh. Like many parents we were really concerned about the prospect of remote learning for our 5 year old. It just doesn’t feel the right way to educate a child. The […]

That Smile!

WCCC has been part of my family for over 30 years. I have been teaching at WCCC since 1985 and my daughter attended WCCC for four years. The smile on her face is what WCCC is all about. She was fortunate to attend a center that embraced her, made her feel safe, and gave her […]