Play Shape Hopscotch

Shape hopscotch is a fun indoor or outdoor activity and requires just a few supplies!


  • Construction paper in assorted colors
  • Scissors
  • Tape


  1. Take different colored pieces of paper and make your shapes (for example: cut 2 green circles, 2 red circles, 2 purple circles, 2 green stars, 2 red stars, 2 purple stars.) You can pick out any shapes you want! Cut out 4 different shapes in total in various colors. They should be big enough in size to put them down on the floor to step on.
  2. After you have cut out all of your shapes, choose a place inside of your house to make a grid. Mix them up and spread them out. Once you have your shapes placed, place some tape on the backside of each one to secure it to the floor.
  3. Play away! Have someone call out a shape and color then you have to find it and jump onto it.

Fun tip: This can also be played outside on a sunny day! Instead of cutting out shapes, get some chalk and draw the shapes yourself!


Activity by Kelly Moy, Schofield Site
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